The Hero Mussolini?

Last month I heard from someone who read my book and hated it. Why? Because I portrayed Mussolini as the villain, and not the hero. This comment set me back a bit. Who was this fan? Apparently, she was born in Italy and emigrated to the U.S.A. decades ago, but had fond memories of the hero Mussolini, who ushered Italy into the modern age.

It’s true, no doubt that Mussolini brought many modern advances to Italy and helped to unify a country that was historically a loose confederation of provinces, more than a nation. But at what cost to its people? After twenty two years of his iron-fisted rule, he was executed by a firing squad and hung by his heels in a public square in Milan to send the message that his death was a fitting end for a tyrant.

Mussolini was a complex man, no doubt, who was capable of good as much as evil. But this is the ultimate contradiction of evil–isn’t it? It wears many disguises and can fool virtually everyone.

Glorious Italian Advertising From the 1930’s

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These images are as fresh and visually-interesting now as they were in the 1930’s. They were the visual reference photos for my book jacket. They come from Italian car and cigarette manufacturers during that era and help define the distinctive Italian Futurism style.

The Buonomano Family Tree

After speaking to several readers, I created a family tree for my novel. If this is helpful, can you please let me know? If so, I’ll include it in the next edition of my novel. Just click on the image to save it to your desktop. I’ve attached a form below for your comments. And thanks, everyone! Your feedback and support have been wonderful!

The Buonomano Family Tree
The Buonomano Family Tree