Bravo! Praise for Montebello from Writer’s Digest

Here’s a toast to The Incident at Montebello, which received the highest rating (outstanding) by the judges of Writer’s Digest in 5 areas:


  • Structure, Organization and Pacing
  • Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar
  • Production Quality and Cover Design
  • Plot and Story Appeal
  • Character Appeal and Development

The judge commented:  “I was gripped by the events in The Incident at Montebello from the beginning…The author deftly portrays Italian villagers of that era, along with their attitudes. The way that Isolina gains a new understanding of Fascism and its stranglehold on her village will help readers understand how any political movement takes hold, chiefly through fear. The author shows what people will do to survive…I appreciated the message that one action can trigger another and change the lives of all.”  from the 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Independent Book Awards