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I’m a big fan of my book club readers. To aid your discussion about The Incident at Montebello, I’ve created a Book Club Q & A_ Send me an email at patriciamoed@gmail.com if you’d like me to visit your book club in person or via video chat during your meeting.

2 thoughts on “Discussion Guide

  1. Kind Mrs. Moed,
    I’m Italian and I’ve red some articles about your novel and Vanderbilt’s incident with Mussolini. I think your work is good because i like History and historical novels, but car accident it’s probably false. Mussolini said some words simply absurd, like “life goes ahead, don’t look back”. Vanderbilt was a socialite journalist, but not a true reporter. I think Mussolini words and habits can respond to stereotypical democratic views of authoritarian leaders. One of many myths of antifascism, as Fascist myths of Italian invincibility. Every political ideology needs to interpretate or manipulate reality.

    1. Hi Alessandro. Thanks for your comments/thoughts! I appreciate hearing from someone who is Italian and has lived through this era personally or has family that has experienced it. It is true that Mussolini took great pains to prove that he was invincible. He was a master at manipulating public opinion and is credited with being the first 20th Century leader to do this. Many thanks again for taking the time to comment. I am glad to hear from you!
      All the best–Patricia

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